Jail Bird

Mr. Cashman is back with our new Jailbird game, and he is bringing with him 5 Bonus Features! When randomly triggered, Mr. Cashman will appear with either a Coin Bonus, Multiplier on the next spin, or a Mini Game with a chance for either a Coin Prize or Free Spins!


Mr. Cashman Bonus Triggers

When you see the Mr. Cashman symbol - Mr. Cashman will appear and trigger a random Bonus feature. Mr. Cashman always randomly triggers - just to add to the fun!

Mr. Cashman will bring either:
A Random Spin
Choose a Feature Mini Game 
A Random Bonus
Pick a Prize Mini Game 
Poker Machine Mini Game 

Look underneath the reels to see your Bet Multiplier - it will be used for some of the features! 



Random Spin

Mr. Cashman dances across the screen and spins one or more reels. The spins will have either a x3, x5, or a x10 on each win!





The multiplier applied can been seen in the top left corner of the reels.


Choose A Feature

You will get an option between choosing a random Free Spins Feature, or a Random Coin prize!




The Free Spins gift box with either have 20, 15, 10 or 5 Free Spins with a x2, x3, or x5 multiplier on each win.


The Coin Prize will have up to 1000x the Bet Multiplier of the Spin that triggered Mr.Cashman.

For example, if you had a Bet Multiplier of 2,000 - you have the potential to receive up to 2,000,000 Coins!



Random Bonus

Mr. Cashman will dance across the screen and grant you a random Coin Bonus of up to 50,000x your Bet Multiplier on the triggering spin!

If your Bet Multiplier is 2,000 - you would potentially have a chance to win up to 100,000,000 Coins!


Match the Prize

In this celestial Mini Game, select the stars until you match two prizes!




Free Spins can be either 5, 10, 15, or 20 Free Spins with a either a 1x, 2x, 3x, or 5x on all wins! All bets for the Free Spins are based off of the bet on the triggering Spin.

Coin Prizes can be up to 1000x the Bet Multiplier of the triggering Spin - for example, if you had a Bet Multiplier of 2,000 - you have the potential to receive up to 2,000,000 Coins!



In the picture above, 5 games with x5 the wins was granted.


Poker Machine

Spin the Poker Machine to receive a huge Coins Prize!



Prizes are calculated by multiplying the number won in the Poker Machine by the Bet Multiplier on the triggering spin.

In the picture below, the Bet Multiplier was 2,000;  2,000 x 222 = 444,000!



How do I find my Bet Multiplier?

The Bet Multiplier will display underneath the reels when the Mr. Cashman symbol appears across the screen.



There are no Jackpots available for this machine.

Jackpots are subject to change at anytime for Special Events, tuning up, or for any reason without warning. The information above will otherwise be assumed correct.










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