Buffalo Stampede

The Buffalo pack is back, and their thunderous hooves are expanding the reels so high that it plays in portrait mode! There are three ways that the Buffalo pack expands the reels in both Bought and Free Spins! Get the Jackpot at any bet level!



Buffalo Expansion

There are three ways the Buffalos randomly affect the reels:

  1. The stampede running up the reels
  2. Buffalo running towards you
  3. Buffalo stampeding across the reels 




Stampede Up the Reels 

Randomly triggered, one or more Buffalo stampede up the reels, stretching the reels one or two rows. Each expanded symbols will add win lines.



Stampede Towards You

Randomly triggered, one or more Buffalo run back to you and places Buffalo symbols one or two rows above the reels. The expanded symbols will add win lines.



Stampede Across the Reels

Randomly triggered, the Buffalo will stampede across the reels horizontally, and leave one more Symbol above the top row. The expanded symbols will add win lines!

BS-Stampede1.png  BS-Stampede2.png

Free Spins Bonus

Receiving 3-5 Golden Coin Scatters BS_Coin_Scatter.png anywhere on the reels will trigger Free Spins:
3 Gold Coin Scatters: 8 Free Spins
4 Gold Coin Scatters: 15 Free Spins
5 Gold Coin Scatters: 20 Free Spins



The Free Spins can be retriggered during the Bonus. In addition, 5 Free Spins can be added with 2 Gold Coin Scatters.
Sunscape Scatters BS-SunsetScatter.png on a win line will randomly add x2, x3, or x4 to the winning line.  

The Buffalo Stampedes can occur during the Free Spins as well.

Jackpots cannot be won during the Free Spins.


Buffalo Stampede has a Progressive Jackpot, which can be randomly triggered during any Bought spins at any bet level.

Once the maximum has been contributed to the Progressive Jackpot, all further contributions will roll over to the next Jackpot after the current Jackpot has been won.

The Minor Jackpot is a Single-Player Progressive Jackpot; only the player only contributes to the Jackpot every spin.

The Major Jackpot is a Wide-Area Progressive Jackpot; everyone contributes to the Jackpot.

Jackpots are subject to change at anytime for Special Events, tuning up, or for any reason without warning. The information above will otherwise be assumed correct.






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