Polar High Roller live on Cashman Android!

Come enjoy our new Polar Highroller - our twist on the classic 3-reel machine. Get a “Red Screen Feature", which guarantees a win on every spin! Our Polar Symbol offers a prize for appearing on the reels, and Multiplies a win on the winning line! 



General Information
Polar High Roller only has 3 reels, and 1 win line directly in the middle. All symbols must be on this line in order to be considered a winning combination, with the exception of the Polar High Roller Symbols.



Winning combinations will automatically calculate at the current bet level in the Paytable. The value of the Polar High Roller Symbol will also be found on the Paytable.


Polar High Roller Symbol

Polar High Roller Symbols PHR_-_PHR_Symbol.png will have three different payouts depending on how many are on the reels, if they are on the middle Win Line, and if they are included in a winning combination.

Not on the Win Line
1 Symbol - set value based on and can be found on the paytable
2 Symbols - set value based on and can be found on the paytable


In this screenshot, one symbol at a bet of 50,000 is valued at 100,000 - only 100,000 was awarded.

On the Win Line
1 Symbol: Will pay x2 set value
2 Symbols:  Will pay x4 set value


In this screenshot, a Polar symbol is worth 100,000 for appearing on the reels, but since it appears on the win line, it’s x2. 100,000 x2 = 200,000

The Polar High Roller Symbols also act as a Wild Multiplier. If the Polar High Roller Symbol appears on a winning line:
1 Symbol = x2 entire win
2 Symbols = x4 entire win


In this screenshot, the Polar Symbol works as a Wild and completes the combination. It also multiplies the win x2. The winning BAR combination is 500,000 - add the Polar multiplier of x2: 500,000 x2 = 1,000,000.

Red Screen Feature

This feature will randomly trigger and grant 1-22 Free Spins. The reels will be surrounded in a red frame and every spin will be a guaranteed win. The Red Screen Feature will not grant a specific amount Spins when triggered; it will randomly spin until completed.

Polar High Roller Symbols will be active within the Red Screen Feature as well.




The Jackpot is Wide-Area Progressive - every active Players' spins will increase the Jackpot size. The Jackpot will randomly trigger, and does have a minimum bet required.

A message will appear on-screen as the bet is changed to indicate if the qualification has been met. 


There will also be a red check next to the Jackpot size if the minimum bet is not met.


Jackpots are subject to change at anytime for tuning up, Special Events, or for any reason without warning. The information above will otherwise be assumed correct.





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