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Golden Princess is our latest Extra Ways machine which awards more Golden Symbols the higher you bet! Choose your destiny with 5 options within the Free Spins Feature, or win a Jackpot from our Multi-Tier Jackpot Mini Game!




Golden Symbols 

Get higher payouts with the Golden Symbols! The higher the bet, the more Golden Symbols appear on the reels. The Golden Symbol values will be detailed in the paytable. There are 5 bet levels, increasing the level will increase both the Golden Symbols shown and the size of the Jackpot.

As the bet is increased, a popup will appear and show how many Golden Symbols are active. The active symbols will also be in a side bar on the reels during gameplay. 

GP_-_Actibe_Symbols_2.png GP_-_Active_Symbols.png


What does the Golden Symbol Chart in the Paytable Mean?


This chart is a breakdown on how the Golden Symbols bet levels were calculated. According to this Chart, the Bet Levels are calculated by multiplying the Coins indicated in the chart per level by the Bet Multiplier
(found underneath the reels).

For Bet Level 1:  8 x 1,000 (Bet Multiplier) = 8,000
For Bet Level 2: 18 x 2,000 (Bet Multiplier) = 36,000


Free Games Bonus

A Choose-Your-Own Free Spins Game will appear with 3+ GP_-_Seal_Symbol.png symbols on a winning line, from far left to right. A Wild Symbol GP-_Firecracker_symbol.png can substitute for a GP_-_Seal_Symbol.png to trigger the Bonus.

Only Golden Symbols and A, L, Q, J, 10 & 9 will appear during the Free Games.




The Free Games offer 4 options of different amount of Free Games with corresponding Wilds added. The less Free Games, the MORE Wilds are awarded! There is also an option for a Mystery Choice for more adventurous players!


The Jackpot cannot be won during the Free Spins, but occasionally the Jackpot Minigame can randomly trigger before the Free Spins if there is a Wild Symbol GP-_Firecracker_symbol.png on the Free Games triggering spin. 



Golden Princess has a Multi Tier Jackpot:

The Grand and Major Jackpot are Wide Area Progressives - everyone contributes to with every spin.

The Minor and Mini are Single Area Progressives - the player alone contributes with every spin.

The Jackpot Level and amount will increase as the bet level is increased. Jackpots can only be won within Bought Spins.


The Wild Symbol GP-_Firecracker_symbol.pngmay randomly trigger the Jackpot Feature. A Minigame with 12 GP_-_JP_MG_Symbol.png will appear on the Screen. Keep choosing theGP_-_JP_MG_Symbol.pngsymbols until 3-like Jackpot Symbols are chosen!






Jackpots are subject to change at anytime for Special Events, tuning up, or for any reason without warning. The information above will otherwise be assumed correct.


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