Unable to Open or Delete Game on iPad/iPhone

If you are having issues with deleting or opening the app on iOS, chances are, if you recently restored your device or if you updated a high amount of apps at a time, there might be apps that are stuck on 'waiting'. 

Here is a quick fix on releasing the game from your device:

1. Complete iTunes Sync: The apps that you’ve installed on your iPhone must also be on iTunes if you’ve synced before. In this case, what you can try to do is remove the app in iTunes, re-sync with iPhone so that the app gets removed from iPhone as well and then install the app via iPhone again.

  • Connect your iPhone to the PC and open iTunes.
  • “Remove” apps that are stuck in ‘waiting’ or not able to be deleted from the iPhone via iTunes. To do this, just click on your iPhone from the sidebar, click on Apps tab and from the list, against the app that’s causing the issue, click ‘Installed’ – this will change to ‘Will Remove.’
  • Sync your iPhone via iTunes. The app should now be removed from the iPhone.

Once you’ve removed apps this way, you can re-install them if need be. For the apps that are stuck on ‘waiting’, you can just remove them this way and then re-install them on the iPhone (not through iTunes).

2. Do a fresh Restore from Backup: A fresh restore from a backup you did recently is a good way to restore things back to normal. If you have a backup on iTunes, you can use this backup to solve the issue.

You can restore from an earlier backup by clicking on the Restore option in iTunes. This will prompt you to choose a backup (if there is one).

If not, the restore will upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS version along with removing all the apps. If you are not particular about data at this point, you might do a fresh restore too. It’s like starting from scratch but you can get all the apps back via the App Store → Purchased section.

3. Reset Everything: Not known to work all the time, but resetting everything might just help you fix the issue of apps stuck on waiting. We first tried doing a hard-reset by pressing the home and power together till the iPhone goes blank and then powering it up again. But this didn’t work.

To reset all, go to Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings. This won’t erase any data.

4. Check Download Queue: In case you’ve got apps stuck on waiting or loading, this might also be due to a long download queue. You can fix this easily.

  • Open the App Store
  • Click on Updates
  • Click on Purchased
  • If there are a bunch of apps stuck on “Installing”, you’ve got to repeat #1 to remove these apps via iTunes and then re-sync.
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