Unlocking New Bet Levels

How do I increase my bet level?

When you first start playing, you may notice that some bet levels are greyed out and unable to be selected. You can unlock new bet levels by simply playing the game and increasing your experience level.  

Tip: The bigger you bet the more experience you gain and the quicker you unlock new bet levels.  Also, the padlock icon will also display the level needed for it to be available.



In this example, 5 Dragons have been selected. In the image below, I am currently Level 7, thus I am unable to unlock additional jackpot levels until Level 12. Be aware that level requirements may vary with different slots. 



After having some fun spinning, I've now reached Level 12! I'll get a confirmation that I have both leveled up and unlocked some brand new bet lines.Screenshot_20171113-171249.png


Now if I go back and look at the main lobby and select 5 Dragons again, I can see that I've unlocked all bet levels for 5 Dragons (be aware that you do not need to leave the slot to apply the new bet levels).



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