How do I report and record a bug?

Product Madness is constantly improving the games it delivers and is committed to providing a better user experience.

If you experience problems with any of our games a link has been set up where users can record what is going on. Here is the link, It will assist Product Madness greatly and help Product Madness technical team understand what the issue is and help to find a remedy to the issue quickly.

All you need to do is visit the above website and do the following:


1. Click "Start Recording".

2. Select which screen you want to share.

3. Once you are done recording your demo, go back to the website and click "Stop Recording". The system may take any where from 30 seconds to 1 minute for it to upload your recording.

4. Once complete, you will have the option to review your demo. If you are satisfied, all you need to do is select "Copy URL to Share" and send it back to the Product Madness Support team.

The tutorials are very user friendly, and if you do catch and record a bug we'll relay you a GENEROUS reward.

If you want to report a bug without recording it, please try to have the following information ready for the support team, it will help us identify problems quickly,

  • What game were you playing?
  • What date did the error happen?
  • What approximate time did it happen?
  • What error message did you receive?
  • Any other information that can help us look in to the problem.
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