How do I Update My Flash Player?

If you are seeing a 'Latest Flash Player Required' message, this is due to Chrome, Firefox, and Safari enabling their Click-to-Play feature. This basically means that you either do not have the latest Flash Player installed on your browser or you need to allow access for Flash to run on Heart of Vegas/Product Madness.

You can do this by selecting the "Playing on PC" active link as shown in the screenshot below OR selecting "Allow" in the top right:




If you select the "Playing on PC" link, this will redirect you to the Adobe Flash Player website.

To manually install the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player, please do the following:

1) Using this link to Adobe's page ( You can select your operating system and then the Flash version. It will show the newest version of Flash available for download.

2) Select the 'Download Now' button and then click on the 'install_flashplayer.exe' to install. Uncheck any boxes for additional options that you don't wish to install such as tool bars or virus protection software etc. 

3) Once you have completed the installation restart you browser. 


For more information on what Click-To-Play is and how manually allow Flash for Heart of Vegas, please go here.

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