How Are The Payouts And Winnings Calculated?

All spins have the same probability of winning, regardless of the player, their level, how many coins they have, or how long they've been playing. The games also do not change the payouts for paying or non-paying players. Our slot machines are thoroughly tested before they are released to insure that they are working properly.

The games use random number generators to predict the outcome of each spin. This process ensures that each spin is completely random and unique. Each spin provides the player with an even chance at winning. Due to this, the user experience will be different for every player.

Our games are fair, tested and in no way manipulated by us to trick the player. While it can be frustrating when you do not win, it is just a matter of luck. Fortunately, luck changes and your big win could be just around the corner! Also, the gaming experience may change between games, so it is always a good idea to try your luck in different machines throughout the day to see where you are the luckiest.

We also have many ways to get free coins in-game to keep you spinning longer! Below we have provided links detailing where you can get free coins in our games:

Heart of Vegas

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