Product Madness is happy to announce our newest jackpot feature, Quick Fire Jackpots. This is YOUR own personal jackpot machine that hits more often!

Whenever you play our Quick Fire slot, Golden Peach, you have a genuine shot at one of four great prizes, which are seeded as follows:

  • Mini Jackpot – XX,XXX,XXX
  • Minor Jackpot – XX,XXX,XXX
  • Major Jackpot – XXX,XXX,XXX
  • Grand Jackpot – X,XXX,XXX,XXX


GRAND, MAJOR cannot be won during the Free Games Feature.

Once the jackpot ceiling amount has been reached, further contributions are added to the subsequent jackpots.

Jackpot meter amount is reset each time it has been paid, before any other jackpots are paid. 

Jackpot wins are not multiplied by the BET PER LINE.


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