Cashman Rewards

What are Cashman Rewards?


Cashman introduces 3 new coin bonuses for you to collect.

  • Daily Reward: This can be collected 18 hours
  • Turbo Reward: This can be collected every 3 hours
  • Instant Reward: You can collect this every 15 minutes

Each of these guaranteed coin bonuses also give you a chance to win a unique bonus Jackpot (Daily, Turbo & Instant rewards bonus Jackpots).  These Jackpots are separate from those in-game.  

Examples of Cashman reward Jackpots:



Cashman also introduces a Bonus Multiplier. Your Multiplier introduces amount increases (x1 to x10) based on total spins and bet level.

Please note: that this resets each time that you collect the Daily Reward. The bonus multiplier is applied to rewards only, it is not applied to any in-game Jackpot wins. 



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