Cashman Rewards

What are Cashman Rewards?


Cashman introduces 3 new coin bonuses for you to collect.

  • Daily Reward: This can be collected 18 hours
  • Turbo Reward: This can be collected every 3 hours
  • Instant Reward: You can collect this every 15 minutes

Each of these guaranteed coin bonuses also give you a chance to win a unique bonus Jackpot (Daily, Turbo & Instant rewards bonus Jackpots).  These Jackpots are separate from those in-game.  

Examples of Cashman reward Jackpots:



Cashman also introduces a Bonus Multiplier. Your Multiplier introduces amount increases (x1 to x10) based on total spins and bet level.

Please note: that this resets each time that you collect the Daily Reward. The bonus multiplier is applied to rewards only, it is not applied to any in-game Jackpot wins. 



With the new Cashman daily bonuses we are also introducing a new Multiplier Bonus. 

Rewards Multiplier 

In the rewards popup we have the multiplier meter, the multiplier level is driven by your coins used while spinning in slots. Bigger spins = faster / bigger multiplier level increases. 
The multiplier is applied to all prizes from the rewards popup when collecting.
Please Note: When you collect the Daily Wheel the multiplier level will reset, you will see the multiplier meter drain animation and the wheel will update your coin values on each wheel segment as well as the value in the Daily Jackpot Ticker.
Multiplier Wheel (in-game)
In the top bar you can see the 'multiplier wheel', this wheel will fill up & help you see how far away you are from increasing your multiplier level.
When you fill the wheel completely you will see a notification informing you of your new level, then it will reset & can be filled again with progress towards the next multiplier


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